Sapphire/ruby bearings

Item No.: 109
Synthetic Sapphire bearing are made of synthetic sapphire/ruby.
Super durable+ precision+ stable good quality
Professional +competitive price + fast delivery + reliable after sales service
Products :
cup jewels. Hole Jewel. orifice jewel. Ball jewel. Assembled Jewels.
Sapphire Rods. Jewel ball. Jewel Hemispheres. Jewel valves.

water meters
electicity meters
accurate Measuring Instrument
dial indicator. gagues.micrometers
Ultra-High Pressure Water Jet
Ink Jet Printing
Flow Control
Liquid Cutting
Laser Technology
Gyros, compass
Ohmmeters Voltmeters and other Indicating Meters; Timers and Relays.

sapphire. ruby. agate. Microcrystal. Glass.

favourable price+fast delivery time+stable reliable quality
we can also do the mounting and assembly with metal parts. 

Certification:ISO9000 and ISO14000

Factory view 


Polishing quality checking(160X  200X)


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