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New roller counter for water meters

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Author : Jenny
Update time : 2022-05-18 10:38:17
Begining.In Feb 2020. after several rounds compare and election.
One of the leading water meter manufacturer made decision to cooperate with our factory finally.
Then we design and made the mould quickly. and sent the sample within 45 days. 
when customer test the sample and found they didnot sent us the updated drawing. 
there are 6 dimensions changed on the frame support. 

we redesigned the mould and remade the sample soon. 
customer asked for different color wheels. 
then we confirm the color code and adjust the material and prepare two kinds of sample to customer for choice.
even there is holiday and a lot of limition.  finally the sample were ready on time. 

Working as a professional reliable and enthusiastic manufacturer. 
Welcome to start a enjoyable and benefical cooperation experience.

Have a joyful day~~~

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