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What Is a Thermal Protector?

A thermal protector protects electrical equipment from the risk of overheating. They're small, lightweight devices that are temperature and current sensitive. When the temperature rises to a precalibrated set point, they activate and shut off. Thermal protectors can be used in battery packs, heating appliances, motors, transformers, and more.

motor thermal protector
A motor thermal protector is a device used to protect electric motors and transformers from excessive heat generation. It consists of a heat-sensing element built into the motor and an external control device. When the temperature of the motor starts rising too high, the thermal protector turns off the motor. This prevents the temperature from rising too high and eventually burning the motor.

Thermal protectors can be built into the windings of an electric motor, or they can be installed in the main circuit. They operate as a sensitive power cutout and are often mounted in series with the motor's winding. Thermal switch manufacturers include Thermik and Klixon. These devices are also known as PTOs (Protection Thermique à Ouverture).

Thermal protection is achieved by monitoring motor winding temperatures through PTC sensors. When motor windings reach over-temperature levels, the motor thermal protector de-energizes the control coil of an external line break contactor. The motor will then cool down to a safe level and the thermal protector will reset. To do this, press the red button on the thermal protector.

The thermal switch has a temperature-sensitive thermistor that must be connected to the control circuit. A thermostor's resistance is relatively low over a wide temperature range, but rises abruptly at a predetermined temperature. Once triggered, the thermal switch acts as a solid state thermal switch. The sensor de-energizes a pilot relay and re-energizes the machine's control circuit. The thermal switch will reset the machine's control circuit after a short period of time, if necessary.

electric motor thermal protector
The main purpose of an Electric motor thermal protector is to prevent the motor from overheating. It consists of heat-sensing elements built into the motor and an external control device that turns off the motor when its temperature reaches a certain level. The protective device stops the rise in temperature before it can damage the motor or cause a fire.

The Calco TP1 Series Auto Reset miniature thermal protector features a miniature bimetal snap disc that operates when temperature reaches a preset limit. It is one of the smallest thermal protectors available and is designed for transformers, ballasts, and heating appliances. Its high technology and bimetallic elements make it ideal for use in a variety of applications.

Thermal protectors are typically reset by a red button, visible opposite the shaft of the motor. This allows you to reset the motor without the need for further testing. However, if the motor doesn't have a visible red button, it will reset itself when the motor reaches a safe temperature.

The electric motor thermal protector can be replaced by the service technician. The replacement part will look similar to the original switch. A trained technician should be able to easily identify the original switch and take note of the wire connections.

ac thermal protector
An AC thermal protector is a device that prevents the heat from reaching the electric motor or electronic device. They are used in many electrical appliances including automobiles, water pump motors, lamps, and medical machinery. These devices feature accurate temperature sensitivity and a compact design. Various models are available for different materials and applications.

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