Item No.: 405
Igniter  refers to the device that can provide enough energy to ignite pulverized coal, oil (gas) fuel and stabilize the flame in a moment
ISO9001-2000, ISO14001:2004, CSA
Sensitive, strong thermal conductivity. durable, no carbon deposition.  no high-t

Electronic pulse igniter. High voltage igniter can be customized according to customer requirements

ignition electrodes, ignition rods, ignition needles, spark plugs, water level electrodes.

•gas cooker, Water heater, Gas stove,
•Gas oven,Gas boiler, gas burner,
•gas baring-oven and burning machine

industrial burners and spark plugs.

Industrial furnace, tunnel furnace special ignition pin

,Andiron,BBQ,ODS Industries

 lamps, gas appliances, and electric heating appliances.