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sapphire lens
sapphire window, sapphire lens, infrared window,monitor window, infrared window, observe window。


Good transmission over the visible and near IR spectrum,

The optical transmission is high with little or no distortion of the transmitted signal.

High mechanical strength,

Temperature stability,

Wear resistance

Chemical inertness.


Air and Gas Analyzers/Monitors, Cryogenic View Ports, UV and IR Windows and Lenses, Detector and Pressure Cells, Bar Code Readers.

Sapphire has a transmission from 190nm to 5300nm and is very strong compared with other optical materials. Sapphire windows can be used at very high temperatures, up to 2000°C.

Sapphire has excellent strength and abrasive resistance which enables it to be used in the form of very thin windows and extremely harsh environments. Sapphire is often used for pressure windows or port windows where conditions are severe such as sandy, salty environments where a softer BK7 window would quickly scratch and become unusable.


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